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Best Makeup and Cosmetics Brands in Pakistan [Comprehensive 2023 Guide]

The Pakistani makeup and cosmetic industry have undergone a massive transformation. As a childhood memory, almost all of us must be able to recall the famous Pakistani brand Medora. Living in the 90s, your beauty routine would typically start with Tibet Snow and might end with Miss Rose. However, there has been a significant shift in Pakistan's makeup trends and cosmetics products. 

With time, the Pakistani makeup industry is evolving, and various brands have been created that have successfully made their name. It is not far that these brands will reach the height of success and will be internationally recognized. 

The makeup and cosmetic industry in Pakistan has broken many barriers, and now we can see various best makeup brands in Pakistan. The new emerging brands have created a boom in the Pakistani cosmetic world. 

With a variety of local makeup and cosmetic brands in Pakistan, they offer a wide range of skincare, hair care and body care products. So if you are searching for the best cosmetics brands in Pakistan, then you are in the perfect spot. 

Well, making appropriate makeup choices is difficult, especially regarding complexion, skin tone, undertone, and texture. On the other hand, makeup brands are increasing rapidly, which is why our social media is flooded with makeup and cosmetics advertisements. You now have a lot to choose from, and a little smartness can make you a makeup pro. 

Say goodbye to days when you needed to wait for your friends and relatives to bring you costly makeup all the way from States and Kingdom. Today, a variety of amazing Pakistani makeup brands have made our life a lot simpler by creating affordable products with comfort to buy online and from shopping malls across the country. 

With significant advancements in the Pakistani makeup industry, these brands have come up with customised solutions for our skin; hence we no longer need to rely heavily on imported and international brands for our makeup needs. 

14 Best Makeup and Cosmetics Brands in Pakistan

The Pakistani cosmetics and makeup industry have evolved over the past few decades. Famous skincare and makeup brands like Medora, Saeed Ghani, and Miss Rose are familiar names to all. However, the time is close when these local brands will be cherished and recognized worldwide because of their premium quality and affordability. 

A few Pakistani cosmetics brands are on par with famous international brands. These are known for producing quality and high-end products at affordable prices. They ensure no compromise on skin and quality and are available at a reasonable price. Such quality products at awesomely excellent prices make them the best deal to steal. 

Are you ready to discover some of the best makeup brands in Pakistan? Then, let's dig in to learn more about Pakistani makeup and cosmetics.  

L’oreal Paris - Best cosmetics brand in Pakistan   

L'oreal is one of the famous and best cosmetics brands in Pakistan. The brand has multiple types of makeup products. It has a huge range of skincare and hair care products too. Loreal also produces high-quality makeup brushes and other makeup accessories. With a massive variety of products, Loreal has a vast range of pricing depending upon the products and their sizes. 

Medora - Best makeup brand for younger women’s

Medora is the evergreen and most loved brand in Pakistan, manufacturing products locally. The Pakistan-based brand has a wide range of matte, semi-matte and glossy lip colours in bundles of shades. They are highly pigmented and don't stick. Medora has the top-notch quality and is all famous for its lipsticks. However, it has a vast range of makeup products available countrywide.  

Faiza Beauty Cream - Cheap cosmetics brand for all skin types

Faiza Beauty Cream is a locally manufactured brand that is essentially made to lighten skin tone, remove pimples and eliminate freckles. Soon after its inception, the brand received massive success and positive reviews regarding its quality and affordable prices. The motive of the brand lies in furnishing cheap beauty creams with quality. The brand has multiple brightening and bleaching products, including soaps, brightening  creams, serums, lotions, and hair removal creams for all skin types. These products are available at any nearest stores and even online.  

Golden Pearl - High-quality cosmetic brand for women & men

Golden Pearl Cosmetics launched its line of skincare products a few years back. This locally manufactured brand is now on the top amongst its competitors for offering a huge variety of skincare products at a reasonable price range. This brand has almost captured the domestic market with its quality products. Over the years, this brand has gained tremendous success and launched various new products, including brightening soaps, anti-wrinkle solutions, scrubs, facial creams, and serums. The affordable products are easily accessible online and at local shops. 

Face Fresh - Cosmetic brand offering traditional creams

Face Fresh launched itself as a brightening solution for the face, neck, knees and elbow. It guarantees to lighten the dark parts in 1 to 4 weeks. It is known for its natural and botanical ingredients that help whiten skin and make it look smooth and fresh. Moreover, the brand comes with highly affordable prices so that everyone can enjoy the perks without compromising their skin. Face Fresh products are commonly available in Pakistan, either at shops or online.   

Masarrat Misbah - Makeup brand for beginners

Masarrat Misbah is a renowned Pakistani beautician known for transforming acid victims' facial structure and features. She has been awarded the Pride of Pakistan Award and several other awards for her meritorious deeds. She owns and runs Depilex Smile Foundation and Depilex Salon. With this, she has also launched her makeup brand, which is now known as one of the best makeup brands in Pakistan. She has introduced a comprehensive collection of makeup and skincare products. However, people find it a bit expensive, but the products speak for their quality out loud. This brand is readily available online and in stores too. 

Rivaj UK - Makeup brand for oily & dry skin

This is one of the most affordable and best cosmetic brands in Pakistan. It is mainly known for its high-quality products that come at very reasonable prices. It has bundles of cosmetics products, including lip shades, foundations, mascaras, concealer, eyeliner, and much more. They have highlighters and a variety of blushes too. Not just this, but its lipsticks and nail colours have dozens of shades. Rivaj's products are affordable, durable, and easy to find in any nearby store. 

Zay Beauty - Makeup brand for acne-prone skin

Zay Beauty is a relatively new makeup brand that has made its place among the top brands within no time. It is majorly known for its long-lasting super-staying matte finish lipsticks. In addition to lipsticks, it includes blushes, highlighters, and different kinds of eyeshadow palettes. The prices are neither too high nor too low, but every product is worth trying. 

Gabrini - Makeup brand for sensitive skin

Gabrini is amongst the fastest-growing international makeup brands that come with a wide range of trendy, classic and seasonal makeup products. This brand is famous and known for its huge collection of lip colours. Gabrini lip colours are highly pigmented and give a matte finish. It has a variety of everyday wear to formal and party wear too. This brand is famous in Pakistan due to its reasonable prices, and its original products are easily available in Pakistan, be it online or in local malls.  

Rimmel London - Best makeup brand in pakistan for teenagers

Rimmel London is unbeatable when it comes to lip colours and textures. Its lipsticks are ideal for Pakistani women in such a climate with humid conditions. They last for hours and require a little upkeep for long-term use. Moreover, Rimmel London lipsticks are reasonably priced. Therefore, they are ideal for stockpiling for the bride-to-be. Its nail colour is another trendy and best-selling product that comes with a long-lasting finish in dozens of shades.    

Essence Cosmetics - Cosmetic brand for under 18

Essence is an award-winning company that is renowned for high-quality and cutting-edge products at incredibly low prices. Essence is a highly recommended and proven cosmetic brand with various products for all skin types. Essence is now commonly available at local Pakistani stores; if not, you can quickly grab their products and steal deals online. 

Wet n Wild - Makeup brand for mature skin

If you are looking for makeup sales online or searching for budgeted makeup products, then you should try this cosmetic brand. Wet n wild is a popular budgeted brand in Pakistan with a massive collection of several makeup products at amazing prices. It is a well-known brand providing a vast range of cosmetics that makeup enthusiasts seek. This brand is commonly and easily available in stores, local malls and online.

Maybelline - Makeup & cosmetic brand for all skin types

Maybelline is a highly renowned and one of the best international makeup brands easily available in Pakistan. Being a multinational and cosmetic giant, it has a wide array of makeup products. It is majorly known for its long-lasting and affordable foundations. However, it is an extensive range of foundations and comes in several shades and price ranges. It is Pakistan's top-rated makeup brand that has a vast range of beauty and skincare products. And no matter how many products it may produce, its mascara is always loved globally and has been the best-selling product of them for years.  

Miss Rose - Cheap makeup brand in Pakistan

Due to its affordable prices, Miss Rose has been the most popular Pakistani cosmetic brand. Women in the 90s were all backed by its products as it has a classic variety of cosmetic products, including lipsticks, mascaras, and kajal. It was the most used and recommended product for regular consumption. Its affordability makes it the best among its competitors. It can be easily found in local stores and even online. Miss Rose's lipsticks have been the most trending product of all time. 


Using Pakistani brands helps and supports our entrepreneurs' growth since these brands have provided us with great alternatives at incredible prices. Moreover, some of them have proven to be of excellent quality. From long-lasting foundations to versatile lip colours, these brands in Pakistan have set new heights in the makeup industry. 

In this era, we can find many affordable and best makeup brands in Pakistan that offer a wide range of skincare and cosmetics products. With these local brands, finding desired makeup for yourself has now become easy. 

Several brands in Pakistan produce high-quality makeup locally at incredibly low prices. Many well-known online stores offer their consumers the best cosmetics brand in Pakistan and feature a large selection of top makeup brands in Pakistan that the majority can easily afford. Kaasmetics is one of the best online stores that cater to a wide range of customers and offers the best makeup in Pakistan all in one place.

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