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Faiza Bleach Cream Sachet (Turmeric )

Faiza Bleach Cream Sachet (Turmeric )

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Faiza Bleach Cream Sachet (Turmeric) is the newest addition to Faiza’s range of skin care products. Formulated with natural turmeric, this bleaching cream provides a gentle yet effective solution for lightening dark spots and even out skin tone. The unique blend of herbal ingredients helps reduce inflammation and make the skin look brighter and clearer in just one application.

The active ingredients in Faiza Bleach Cream Sachet (Turmeric) include turmeric powder, honey, almond oil and aloe vera extract. These ingredients help nourish and protect the skin from environmental damage while also providing lightening benefits. The cream gently exfoliates dead cells on the surface of the skin while also providing a deep moisturizing effect that locks in moisture long-term. With regular use, this product can give you flawless complexion with an even tone throughout your face.


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