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Natural Fairness Cold Cream (Large)

Natural Fairness Cold Cream (Large)

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The Natural Fairness Cold Cream (Large) is the perfect choice for those looking to nourish their skin and give it a natural, healthy glow. This cold cream is made from top-quality ingredients like almond oil, beeswax, and lanolin that work together to deeply moisturize and condition your skin. The result? Skin that looks softer, smoother, and more even toned with a naturally brighter complexion.

In addition to providing intense hydration benefits, Natural Fairness Cold Cream (Large) also helps protect against environmental damage like sun exposure or harsh weather conditions. Its antioxidant-rich formula helps neutralize free radicals that can cause premature wrinkles and dark spots while shielding your skin from further environmental damage. Plus, its lightweight consistency absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving an oily residue behind.

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HS Code:                               3304.9910

CBM:                                      0.028223

Weight:                                  6.66(kg)

Pcs Per Carton:                    144


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